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Noblus *always Gastrodia Elata 천마 天麻 tiān má

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Always Gastrodia Elata

: Korea  Gastrodia Elata 100% Extract / Portable Sticks /
Healthy Immune System Support
/ Boosts Energy and Mental Focus / Supplements for Fatigue / Caffeine-free / 30 Pack

For Better Health & Wellness

: Always Gastrodia  is a high-quality, natural nutrition supplement that treats your body to a nutritious and balanced health. Its safety, including allergens and nutrition factors, have been certified by the U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

- Prevention and Improvement of brain disease
- Stroke, Paralysis, Dementia-relief of Headache, Memory improvement
- Improves of Liver function
- Boosts Immune System 

Key Effective Ingredients 

The Gastrodia elata contains a lot of good ingredients for human body health. Such as Gastrodin, which is known to reduce blood pressure by reducing heart rate while protecting brain nerves with powerful antioxidants that prevent memory loss by removing harmful oxygen in blood vessels. 

Other ingredients include Ergothioneine, Vanillyl alcohol, 4-HBA and so on. 

Notably, the Gastrodia elata is known as the plant that has the most Ergotioneine, which is one of the powerful antiaging ingredients in the world.