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Coming Soon | 왕신 훈제액젓 Wangshin Smoked Fish Sauce

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  • Aged for 2 years, Wangshin's anchovy fish sauce completes the taste of Asian dishes. 10 fl oz per bottle.
  • A perfect alternative to salt as it brings richer savory flavor and contains much less sodium than salt. It is natural and healthy seasoning that can be used in any dishes like Thai food, kimchi, soup, and even salads.
  • Fermented for 2 years in Korean traditional clay pots. No external pressure is used (like how most factories make fish sauce). To harvest the richest flavor, only natural gravity is used to pressure the anchovies and salt. Wangshin patiently harvests one drop a day for the excellence. Check the color difference; Wangshin's aged fish sauce is pure and light like a well-aged whiskey.
  • Full of amino acids. All natural ingredients from South Korea. Cholesterol-Free, Fat-Free, MSG-free. Absolutely no additives used.
  • Wangshin is a family company, proud of sharing the secrets of the Korean cuisine with the world.